Who is Europe?

Interviews & More

Alex, UK
29-year old Brit living and working in Germany

Ekaterina & Dimitar, Bulgaria
describe themselves as crazy, adventurous people

Marco, Italy
advocates the peaceful coexistence of wolves and humans

Raphael Vogt

Raphaël, Germany
German-French actor, loves to travel

Alina, Romania
does not like barriers, shares almost everything

Aleksandra, Poland
inspired by Alexander von Humboldt,
wants to explore this extraordinary world

Nick, Netherlands
tries to make his contribution for a better and greener European future


The Roadies, Germany
traveling with their motorhome & dog across Europe
want to show how great nature is

Ingrid, Belgium
describes herself as just a tiny, insignificant, temporary person
director of  “dog 

Nikola Stefanovic

Nikola, Serbia
athlete and professional archer