About Europe

“With all its diversity, cultures, languages and differences, it appears to me as something most certain, something predictable.”
Aleksandra, Poland

 “I think the biggest challenge facing Europe (the EU) is convincing people that it’s a democratic institution and more than just a bureaucratic nightmare.”
Alex, UK

“In the last 3 weeks, I have visited 5 countries in the EU, professionally and privately. That’s great.”
Raphael, Germany

The idea

After we left in 2018 and wanted to be surprised by Europe, we now ask ourselves the question: who or what does Europe actually hold together?

In September 2019, we will go on a search with our RV.
For stories, adventures and charity projects.




Who are we?


Hiking a few thousand kilometers on foot through Europe to support regional charity projects, finding out who is Europe and simply enjoying the moment – that’s us, Eva & Jan!

Only with a tent and backpacks we have made many great experiences. Now we are looking forward our future projects: With our son, Luis


Loves people, cities & encounters, but also contrasts & changes.

Feels most comfortable surrounded by peace and nature. A tent, mountains and a drone – he does not need much more to smile.