Adventureland Europe – Every step counts!

2.500km on foot for regional aid projects

Adventureland Europe

May 2018: the beginning. Quit apartment, jobs and packed the backpacks.

We wanted to hike and to do something good. This is how the project “Adventureland Europe – every step counts” was created.

By bus we went to Bulgaria to the Black Sea and started hiking. On the way we wahr the chance to discover a lot and above all get to know great people and projects that touched our hearts!

We visited regional aid projects in each country.


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Well, actually a few more kilometers were planned … But, as life goes by, we were surprised.
Surrounded by Romanian forests, Eva felt worse and worse. After a few days of nausea, shortness of breath and premonitions we knew the reason: Eva was pregnant. 🙂
This is how our follow-up projects came to be, now together with Luis.