Our third hiker…

❤️ For a while it was very quiet … Here is the reason:
On 06.04.2019 our little Luis Tristan opened for the first time.
For us, this means getting to know each other, cuddling and, of course, sleepless nights, as well ☺️
Luis surprised us in Romania last year. Therefore we decided to change our plans after 2500km of hiking and to take a break.
From September we will move slowly westwards. With motorhome, hiking poles and as long as Luis feels like it.
Belgium, Spain, Portugal … looking for heart and adventure in Europe. ????
Until then, we will scour our shots of the last months and share with you.
Because the 5 months through the East of Europe came up with unforgettable impressions, which we could not handle while we were hiking.
Great charity projects, encounters and wonderful nature.