Umut Akgül



“Lover and defender of human rights, I love to read and do researches. I was lucky to be born in France because of all the social rights this country has. But when I see today how they are all disappearing, along with the individualism and egoism of French people, I’m sad and hopeless.”

Umut, what is your personal view of Europe?

On paper, all projects for the unification of European countries are really interesting. But when it is applied, I notice that the continent is led by only a few countries: Germany, France, England… I think that many decisions are made, not really in the interest of the European citizens, but much more for the growing industries and companies. We could achieve so much together, but it’s all wasted on unnecessary issues and childish games.

In your opinion, what does Europe mean for your home country, France?

Europe meant a lot to France in the early 2000s. But after several failures of the economic system and the mistakes of recent years, people are increasingly reluctant to grow together. There is still hope, but at least 20% of the French are ready to leave the European Union (without really knowing the impact). So it means less and less.

Is there anything else you want to say about Europe?

If only it was possible that all decisions could be made together, and not just by a bunch of old people… I think Europe could be a decisive and leading force in the world. We have many advanced technologies that we could focus on many issues, particularly important ones such as global warming, which we could only solve through a clear conversation. But the people who make decisions are more likely to be made entrepreneurs. It is not compatible with global evolution and global interest.
Relations between Europe and outside are also a mess. Once again, everything is being transformed into business…

If only it was possible that all decisions could be made together, and not just by a bunch of old people...