“I’m a young dude full of energy and motivation. I love studying, socializing and traveling, and most important of all, having a meaningful life!”

Miko, what is your personal view of Europe?

Despite lacking the perspective of daily life outside of Europe or the European Union since I’ve never experienced it firsthand, educating myself on the matter and having lots of foreign friends has led me to the conclusion that Europe might just as well be amongst the safest and best places to live on planet Earth. We are economically stable, culturally diverse, mostly well-educated and healthy. I’m happy to be part of the Union.

In your opinion, what does Europe mean for your home country, Finland?

In my opinion? Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of living in Europe is the ease of travel. You can travel almost anywhere with your passport without needing visas or going through border control. In most cases, you don’t even have to change currency, how sweet is that! I don’t want to dive into the economics that much, so let’s leave it at that.

Is there anything else you want to say about Europe?

Well, considering I’ve just recently gotten into politics and following the news, I can’t really speak confidently about the governing side of things. As my father mentioned here, Europe is a good example of a broken continent of nations that went ahead and formed a union for the benefit of all. But since the laws and regulations are decided in Central Europe, with vastly different climate to ours, I agree that they might lack the perspective of what is required to live in a rural and a cold country like Finland.

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of living in Europe is the ease of travel.