“We are a non-governmental organization called AEPEF, which in Spanish stands for Spanish Association for Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis. Our objective is to unite those of us who suffer such illness and try to achieve an effective curative pharmacological treatment given that it is a rare illness. With that intention, our organization co-founded the European Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis which includes several EU countries.”

And here is their webpage:

Dear AEPEF-Team, what is your personal view of Europe?

Europe is a group of several countries that lie in the continent of such name, with both differences and similarities, that have decided to combine efforts to make everyone’s life better.

In your opinion, what does Europe mean for your home country, Spain?

As a consequence of being part of Europe, every country, Spain included, has advantages and disadvantages. We may lose some freedom, but at the same time we have gained economic stability – we no longer have high inflation rates as we had in the past, for example. Also, if we are under difficulties, we are not alone. But then, when another country has difficulties, we have to help as well.

Is there anything else you want to say about Europe?

Europe is a combination of countries with cultures that, despite being similar, they have big differences, and that is without considering the influence of the different climates. I believe that Europe has made great advances in being united in its economic issues. But maybe more effort could be made to create a common culture. We will always have our differences, that is true, we cannot forget about that, but then, that is the reason why we should work what we share in common, socially and culturally.

Europe is a group of several countries `{`...`}` that have decided to combine efforts to make everyone’s life better.