WDR 2: Interview about Europe


WDR 2: Interview about Europe

#Europeanelection 🌍
This Sunday we are in an interview with WDR 2 . Guided by Gisela Steinhauer we answer the Sunday questions from 8:00-9:00 in the morning.
The topic? Europe ❀️

The WDR writes:
“When Eva Kaznelson from Dusseldorf and Jan Koslowski from Schweinfurt hiked via the E3 from East to South Europe, at first they were two.
On the “Path of Friendship”, they not only wanted to get to know countries and people, but also to support social projects.
In the end, they not only made new acquaintances and saw Europe from a different perspective, but also gained a new fellow traveler. ”

Join the interview and more importantly: do not forget to voteπŸ¦‹ 😊

Listen to our encounter here

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