Help us to help!

Here you find the projects we selected and which we grew fond of. We make sure, that your donations will go there directly. Help us To make this helpmore tangible choose causes such as: Toys for orphanages, food for animal shelters or to help create a more humane treatment of refugees… what warms up your heart?

Medical supplies for youths with disabilities in the IMPACT-Program, Romania

163€ of 3.399€ raised

Conservation workshop for Lynx and Golden Jackal at the border of Serbia and Romania

7€ of 3.500€ raised

THE WORKSHOP – education and training for refugees in Belgrade, Serbia

20€ of 10.500€ raised

New bed frames for orphanage in Elhovo, Bulgaria

0€ of 500€ raised

Lobby against the illegal logging in the Bialowieza Forest in Poland

5€ of 3.500€ raised

Multifunctional room for children with special needs in Plovdiv,  Bulgaria

133€ of 2.000€ raised

Bear proof garbage containers in Tatra Mountains at Liptovský Hrádok

1€ of 2.500€ raised

Free-Day in the Kinderhospitz Bärenherz, Wiesbaden

280€ of 4.350€ raised

Monthly costs of medical supplies for a shelter for strays in Bulgaria

285€ of 2.000€ raised

Fitnessroom for children-, family- and crisis-center in Bulgaria

298€ of 5.000€ raised

Research grant for potential Wilderness forest “Boia Mica” in Romania 

60€ of 3.500€ raised

Support for Afghan Family in Berlin at Be an Angel

0€ of 2.700€ raised

Monthly medical supplies for the animal farm of foundation centaurus

0€ of 5.000€ raised

Sustainable tourism training for protection of the Wilderness in Bulgaria 

11€ of 4.000€ raised

Monthly medical supplies for an animal shelter of Sloboda Zvierat

5€ of 2.000€ raised

Wildlife workshop for rural communities in the Czech Republik

0€ of 3.500€ raised

Germany should become an “Otterland” by Environmental Action Germany

©Silvio Heidler
1€ of 4.000€ raised

1 month support of the Springboard To Life-Program from Chance4Children

0€ of 2.792€ raised
School for disabled and disadvantaged children in Nepal
100€ of 3.360€ raised

Wild nature in the city  – by Environmental Action Germany

Pixabay - Kleekarl
Pixabay - Kleekarl
0€ of 2.500€ raised

Just before the abyss – save Spain’s last bears

Camera traps provide valuable information about the bear population and deter poachers.
1€ of 4.500€ raised

One month food and diapers for Miracle and James

51€ of 3.000€ raised

Adult Education Program of BAGázs, Hungary

350€ of 4.100€ raised

A trip to the farm, of the educational network Mainz

660€ of 660€ raised