Thoughts of Eve ?

Thoughts of Eve ?

How do you know that the direction you are going to is the right one?
You move forward, intuitively, and then you stop to look around. ?️‍♀️
That’s the way it is with me.
What are Jan and I doing right now? Searching charity projects, connecting to them, organizing our association, planing the route, gathering equipment, building our website, PR, marketing … Exciting and makes us being aware of the countdown to the start: May 15th. ?

And then there are the personal pieces.
For the first time in my life, I have no keys at all … because we quit the apartment. ?
No couch, no wardrobe to reach in to grab the dress I want right now … no desk, no bed.
What for some people means happiness on earth, or at least freedom, makes me a bit afraid.
No, I do not question the adventure. The ideas of helping, of starting a movement of humanity, of connecting Europe on foot – are already deeply rooted, make my heart jump up and down. ?

But the step into the unknown is not as easy as I imagined.
I often have thought “trying something new, getting out of the habit, it’s not that hard, just go,” and then it turns out, for me, that the hardest steps are taking place in the head. I know that many things I own, I do not need to survive, but yet they are already so rooted in the thought structures that “letting go of them” means more than simply selling your favorite cupboard.

I’m really looking forward to the next weeks – the new life can begin.

Greetings from Eva


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