Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga – Hello Andalusia!

Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga – Hello Andalusia!

A short travelogue.

In the last few weeks the sun has finally reached us, both in the form of the mules, which are close to our hearts, el refugio del burito, and literally warming on the beach. ?

When we arrived in Seville I was allowed to dance tango and then even enjoy a massage (the next day, in a physio practice).?
[Mother’s comment: In some moments, I live from these times when you feel like your “old me” again]

So we were able to take Seville to our hearts, even if we bothered a bit about our food selection – notice – avoiding overly tourist spots, especially with babies.?
Our parking space was just outside, at the harbor. Highly recommended and some Germans (almost like at home).

Two days later – we are still moving a maximum of 1.5 hours a day in the mobile home – Cordoba surprised us. As in a fairy tale, we walked through the old streets and walls. Food highly recommended wherever we tried. (It almost sounds like we’re just eating).?
Here I met Irina Orlikova and her mother, who was able to experience an anniversary gift (the trip to the region) (80 years ).

Right next to the central, if not cheap, parking space, we were also delighted by an organic shop (not common in Spain and Portugal – many of the products also came from Germany …).

Then down to Antequera, a town surrounded by mountains and apparently very popular with motorhome drivers. Parking lot full, everywhere outside prohibition signs for parking. 
And suddenly one of my favorite places: direct view of the castle, the mountains and only a few meters away from @Eva Dekker, which we got to know at the donkey farm.

And at the end of these days my little highlight: Zoya Bu came to visit us  friends for 12 years and for the second time in a row she is celebrating her birthday with us. Hike last year, this year in inviting Malaga.

Now we are all a bit cold, cure ourselves on a side street by the sea and eat sweet potatoes.

We wish you a healthy week and a great February

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