Serbia in pictures

Serbia in pictures

An attempt to capture the last few days in a couple of words and pictures.

Serbia is an incredible country. With hospitality I have never experienced before.
You walk a few meters and are simply approached and invited to a coffee or homemade juice.

It’s not about money and power, it’s about humanity. If you are in need, someone is there to help you. Of course, you can not scrape all people together. But, so much openness at once is something special for me.

We soon have the first 1000km on foot behind us.
It is not always easy. Not at all. The feet, the desire for a comfortable bed, a shower … Sometimes you are just dirty, tired and want to go home.

And then you realize: your home is always with you. The tent that you carry on your back. Nature, your partner, the new friends. They all let me know that the world is much bigger than what I’ve imagined so far.

Our food on the journey is … nutritious. Traditionally there is cereal for breakfast with hot water, for lunch bread with toppings and for dinner variations of spaghetti .. Almost two months ..

But do you know what the great thing is?
The moment when you’re in a village, a town, or a place where you buy or are invited your first salad with the fresh local specialty. Every time after days of hike, you’ll be happy.
Because you know: This is just the most delicious food that you can imagine.

What appeals to me the most is how much new things we learn here. In how many worlds we can dive.
For example, we were part of when charcoal was made. After sawed-off parts of the tree, after a laborious work within about 10 days, they get what we buy at the supermarket.

And I helped build kennels. An incredible feeling when something comes from your work.

I would live to stay in each country for at least 3 months, there is so much to discover … But that would be another adventure.


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