Just before the abyss - save Spain's last bears!

Project No.: 2018 – ERN – 002

The last bears of Spain live in the vast forests of the Cantabrian Cordillera. Almost they would have died there. Intensive protective measures have prevented this until today. In order to give the shaggy wild animals a secure future, we urgently need your help!

While the bear population in the western part of the Cordilleras is slowly but surely recovering thanks to intensive and long-term conservation work, there are only 20 animals left in the east. That is far too little for a stable stock! The fact that the illegal slaughter of the brown bears is responsible for this is obvious: Although the furry animals find excellent habitats and sufficient food there, the eastern occurrence has not grown for 25 years.

As long as the problem of poaching exists, the bears have no chance to re-expand in the east of the Cantabrian Mountains. EuroNatur along with their spanish project partner Fapas has therefore set itself the task of transferring successful strategies in the fight against poaching from the west to the eastern part of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Why are we convinced of these strategies? At the beginning of the conservation projects for Spain’s last bear about 20 years ago, poaching in the West was regarded as an almost insolvable problem. Today things are different: we were able to significantly limit the illegal killing of brown bears there. In particular, two measures have proven useful: the use of well camouflaged camera traps and the presence of Fapas rangers in the field. The aim is to be able to monitor as large parts of the mountains as possible on a regular basis and to reduce the chances of poachers to hunt wild animals unnoticed. Also, for all finds of suspicious animal carcasses a public investigation is demanded.

With your donation, we will ensure regular ranger patrols in the focal areas of poaching. With € 150, a Fapas ranger can spend a day in the field. To finance 30 field days, we need 4,500 euros.


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