Wild nature in the city

Project No.: 2018 – DUH – 002

Cities are man-made and serve primarily to satisfy human needs. Cities are thus seemingly incompatible with wild nature. However, even in cities, a certain wilderness can develop, if natural dynamics and development processes are allowed. Often you come across nature, which was created in such a simple way, without a plan: dandelion fighting through a crack in the asphalt; a thicket of blackberry bushes on busy railway tracks; young birches that stick out of a vacant lot behind fences and give a hint of wild nature.

The desire for wild, pristine landscapes in our cities is palpable, e.g. when cycling and hiking trails in recreational areas are heavily frequented on sunny days. A high degree of naturalness is well received. For example, the study on nature awareness in 2013 proves this: 65 percent of respondents said that the wilder nature is, the more beautiful is it. This is exactly the chance to allow more “wilderness” in the middle of the city.

For over 25 years, the Environmental Action Germany has been fighting to bring more urban “wilderness” in German cities. They work with very different wilderness actors, for example with local schools and environmental groups. You can help them!

The Environmental Action Germany wishes to motivate another 50 cooperation partners in cities and communities to allow more wilderness in urban areas. The costs are 2,500 euros. Do you help with this?

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