Support for Afghan Family

Project No.: 2018 – BEA – 001

For almost three years, Be Angel e.V. assists refugees at their arrival. The result: apartments found for 45 people, training- and employment relationships for over 70. And at anyone who turns to “Be an Angel e.V.”, we try the to accompany the whole person, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter – depending on their own skills and potentials.

Until now, it has been over 1,250 people so far. The state measures, if equally meaningful and necessary, are only effective conditionally. There are various offers trying to solve the individual needs of a single persons. But hardly anything that covers it all. And often Integration measures fail because people end up with being left alone with their questions.

That’s why we say: ask us everything!

Small example: Odah Bashi, Syrian, parents in Berlin, got registered as a refugee Bulgaria and has fought for his residency in court in Germany – rightly. But still he is not allowed to leave his place of residence, despite the offer of an apprenticeship …. Currently there are six authorities involved. Immigration authorities, Federal Office for Migration, twice the Jobcentre, IHK. That a young man is overwhelmed, is obvious. It is now everyday life for us. And just so that people like Odah Bashi won’t got stuck with Hartz IV give up frustrated, we need support. It’s about six young people, for all of which we already found Apprenticeships, and have them temporarily accommodated in shared flats – for which no authority pays. Young people from Afghanistan and other countries, and about to be deported. An apprenticeship would legalize them in Germany, would give them the opportunity to be part of our society.

Support Be an Angel e.V. in helping the young people to live in to enable our society!


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