Workshop for rural community and wildlife coexistence in Sumava

Project No.: 2018 – EWS – 006

It is called ‘the green roof of Europe’, the large forests at the borders of Germany and Czech Republic. On the German side, the forest is known as the Bavarian Forest. On the Czech side, it is called the forest of Sumava.

The forests of Sumava are home to a wild variety of rare animals, including the wolf, lynx and golden jackal. In and around the area of Sumava, there are still a lot of traditional farming techniques, including herding of animals. The shepherds and their livestock spend each day out in the field during the grazing season. And exactly those people encounter the beautiful wildlife most often.

But many shepherds see the wildlife as a threat to their own animals. Wolf attacks on sheep have occurred, as well as incidents with other species. The local acceptance for the wildlife species is therefore low. To enable a coexistence with wildlife, there is a need for education and training material.

The forest management of Sumava has approached the European Wilderness Society to organize a workshop together with the Czech NGO Hnuti Duha (Friends of the Earth). In this workshop, we train and educate local communities and shepherds on the need of proper herd protection and the value of wildlife. Furthermore we teach the participants about the wildlife species, we practice proper herd protection techniques together, and we provide consultancy to solve current problems.

Support this project with your donations and help us to educate the local communities on why wildlife is not their enemy, but their friend. The Czech wildlife populations play an important role for the European populations; therefore we need the local support of people. The materials of the training will be online available to help local communities outside of Sumava as well.


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