With your donation you can support your favourite charity project. After a donation, you will receive a confirmation email with an overview.

The donations will be 100% forwarded to the organizations. We do not charge any administration fees or other fees for us. Any transaction costs will be reported separately prior to the moment the donation is made.

Donation receipt

“CNG – Culure, Nature and the Good Thing” e.V. is a registered non-government association. This means that every donation can be deducted for tax purposes under German law.

For the tax office in Germany the corresponding bank statement is sufficient for a donation up to 200 €.

For donations over 200 €, we issue a donation receipt in the end of the calendar year via mail.

In case of any questions, send us an email with the reference “donation receipt” to info@cng-society.org

Transaction costs

Almost every bank transaction involves transaction costs. These are collected by banks, credit institutions and online services.

In order to cover the transaction costs, for donations with paypal, there will be added 2.0% of the donated amount + 0.35€, for donations by credit card it is 2% +0.25€.

These percentages are a calculated average and serve solely the covering of the transaction costs. In the case that our calculated costs will be higher than the actual costs, we will forward the difference to our projects. We assure that we won’t keep these in any case.

The transaction costs will be indicated separately and the transferred amount will adjust accordingly before the donation has been made.

If you donate manually from your account, there are no transaction costs.

How do transaction costs originate?

The costs charged by the credit institutions vary widely. They depend on:

1. The selected payment method.

Example: For a Paypal transfer from a German account each transaction is charged with 1.9% + 0.35 €, but when paying by credit card it is 1,2%+0,25€.

2. The country where the account is deposited.

Example: If you donate by PayPal from a German account, each transaction is charged with 1.9% of the donated amount + 0.35 €. If you donate from a non-EU account, there will be charged 3.9% of the donated amount + 0.35 €.

3. The donated amount.

Example: If you donate an amount of 5€ or more by credit card, 1.2% + 0.25€ will be charged, if you donate less than 5€, 5% + 0.05 € will be deducted (so 10% in total).

The single transaction costs overview can be found here.

Because of this multitude of variables, it is not possible to pre-define the exact transaction costs per transaction, which is why we have chosen an average.

Will the transaction costs be adjusted?

If the most donations are made through a payment method that results in lower transaction costs, we will adjust the percentage of the costs.

An overview of the transaction costs, we will put online in regular intervals, so that all inputs and outputs are transparent.