Preparation: Hiking the Gokyo-Everest-Trek in Nepal

Preparation: Hiking the Gokyo-Everest-Trek in Nepal

Because one thing cannot be missed before every adventure: the preparation.

In our case, hiking.

20 days in the indescribable heights of the Himalaya Mountains. Overlooking Mount Everest. Accompanied by Yaks, Sherpa, new friends.

On the Gokyo-Everest trek: On 5,500 meters of altitude hiking towards the sunrise, wading through icecold rivers and gazing at the sparkling glaciers.

Here we met Eric Voong, with whom we shared one week full of fantastic experiences. Thank you for your spontaneity and curiosity! And thanks to the Gokyo Namaste Lodge&restaurant for the wonderful hospitality in Goyko.

And most of all: Thank you, Nepal, for this unique tour!

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