Hesse with heart

Hiking for more humanity

Adventureland Europe – Every step counts!

180 kilometers through Hesse for ZORA. For the support of young women in need. From 19.01. – 03.02.2019.

Adventureland Europe – every step counts

We arrived in Wiesbaden. In numbers this means:
In 16 days:
we hiked 204,8km,
we were 74 hikers, 1 horse, 3 dogs
you have donated 1513,01 €
and we have been able to lend over 400 “Hesse with a heart”.

The encounters, the experiences and your warmth can not be represented in numbers!

Thank you for the support, for your warmth, and for making it possible.

You can find more about the project for young women in need at this link.

The videos are in German.

Wie viel Herz hat Hessen? Eine kurze Geschichte über (Wandern für mehr) Menschlichkeit

Eine Wanderung für mehr Menschlichkeit… Im Januar 2019 geht es 185km durch Hessen, von Fulda über Steinau, Gelnhausen, Frankfurt und Mainz bis nach Wiesbaden. Unser Ziel: Hessen mit Herz zu finden.

One day with RTL Hessen

The story of our journey told by RTL Hessen