Helping wolves

Helping wolves

We got to know an interesting young man and want to share his plans with you.

His name is Marco Davoli and as a biologist he aids a wondrous animal: the wolf.
The wolves are back in his home country, Italy, and this causes some problems, especially for farmers.
“But they are also important to nature and their conservation is vital to Europe’s health,” says Marco.

The population of wolves in the northern Apennines is in danger. Forest manager are not prepared to defend wolves from farmers who feel abandoned and angry, often taking illegal measures.

What is Marco planning to do?
This August he begins with studies about how the wolf spreads, where exactly he is located, so that he can create a map; He also conducts interviews with the parties involved and looks for solutions.

He already has experience in various spheres of work with endangered species and is involved with passion and heart.

Does anyone want to support his mission? With ideas, advice or even on site?

Then write him a message directly to Marco Davoli or an e-mail to:
He is looking forward to read from you.

Picture of the wolf: Andrea C Benvenuti

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