Topic: Girls hiking alone?

Topic: Girls hiking alone?

Two days ago I decided to try something new. Which probably a lot of you have already done.
But for me, it didn’t come to my mind before: 
I wanted to hike one day-stage on my own.

To see whether it feels different, whether I am scared…
And today was the day to try.
Jan went to the next destination one day before me.
And for me? It have been a lot of interesting people, selfies and the first animal obstacles I had to handle on my own.

My Resumee:
Hiking alone as a woman means fun, while you constantly getting asked how you survive alone.  Also there are more people offering help and inviting you to meet their families. And you have a lot of time to think.
On the other hand, it is really nice when you have someone to talk and who is hiding you from shephard’s dogs.
For now, I am looking forward to hike the next days again together with Jan.
But I will definitely repeat the experience with more days and also with sleeping alone in the nature.

And you, girls AND boys, what do you prefer: Hiking alone or with a friend / group?
I would love to read about your experiences

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