Freedom and closeness?

Freedom and closeness?

Have you ever spent with someone 24 hours a day for a long time?
The third month has begun … I still like him and, I think, he does it as well..

One or the other crisis is over, some silent hours and annoyed glances are shared. And what is left?
A man who manages to make me laugh again and again.
A man who simply ignores a few whims in order to hide me in his arms from the sometimes very big world.
A friend who walks with me across stones and streets, through mountains and cities, hand in hand or sometimes miles ahead.
Jan, thanks for this adventure, thanks for this life, thanks for this feeling of freedom and closeness!

Nothing is there, where it should be … where I put it last … in the backpacks there is a chaotic “order” … Many things are differently, than I have planned. We are a little slower, take more breaks … Communication is not so easy for common loners. “How can you put everything in words, what you have in your head?”, I ask myself …
But compromises are the recipe.
And when I see her laughing again, when she enjoys little things, sheep and horses crossing our path … And when I feel her positive charisma, when people are surrounding her and she feels a little more at home … then I know why we go this paths together … hand in hand … my shining star … my Eva <3

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