[Day 23 | Day 23] #Socialmediafairytales

[Day 23 | Day 23] #Socialmediafairytales

By Eva: How many times did I scroll through feeds and realize how perfect everything is .. No one ever seems to disagree and couples are almost always on Cloud 7 anyway …

We were discussing almost the whole last 5 days. Emotional and sometimes without a solution. So we have made at the city of mustard little jumps of joy, hardly seen anything and put our adventure mentally a possible end date. Because somehow nothing went the way we imagined …

And then, suddenly, a friend (thanks @Zoya bu ❤️) just asked a question and it slowly settles down again.
We’ve adjusted the route and the length of the ride (now only a maximum of 30 minutes – is much more relaxed for everyone – then a break up to two hours, and again 30 minutes).

So we drive from Barcelona straight up in the north to San Sebastian and then on the north coast towards Portugal.
Here we will adjust a lot in the next few weeks.
And the first of the three charity videos that has been waiting for months will be uploaded tomorrow.

So everything is pink-red again? 🙈
Hmm, maybe not quite, but we feel “grown together”. 💕

P.S. The photo is still from Morocco from 2 years ago. No one was slapped (unfortunately? 🤔😋☺️.

P.S.2. Maybe this post is a tick too private? I do not know, but this way the whole sharing thing seems more real to me. And if we already report on our search for what holds Europe together, we can also tell you what holds us together.
And then there is food in the photo, so almost a perfect post? 🙈

Thanks, Boris Pertsovski , for the photo!

P.S. 3
Is there anybody reading that far?


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