Day 146 – new hobbies

Day 146 – new hobbies

New hobbies ?  ? 

For about half a year, new hobbies have quietly crept into our lives.

These include:
– felt like spending whole days playing,
– to ask us “But honey, since when has he been able to (any new achievement by Luis)?”,
– at every emptying station to think about whether it is time to empty our toilet again,
– Miss friends and call or write them whenever possible (which works far too rarely ?)
– ask the other at least once a day why it is so messy again
– ask at least twice a day what we are going to eat
– pausing again and again to say sometimes screeching, sometimes moving: Oh, that’s incredible cute!
– to ask every 6 days “is the gas enough for tonight?”
– always weigh up how we are doing.

We have been living in the motorhome for almost half a year and if I was initially afraid that it could get too tight and we would be extremely annoyed by each other, I now know that we are not annoyed.  ?  ?
We are growing. All together and everyone for themselves.

P.S. The picture is not an advertisement, I don’t even know the name of the toy, but all three of us enjoy playing with it 86253268_2545461295563740_8071679867852161024_n.jpg?

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