Day 142

Day 142

An exercise has been with me since I played in the theater.

“The Inner Monologue”. 
It is about going on stage in front of the others, performing a simple action and speaking all the thoughts that are going through your mind at that moment.

I really appreciated the exercise – how often do you get an authentic, unfiltered view of a person’s world?

More and more, I feel like I am creating space for this exercise.
I start writing and often don’t know where my thoughts will take me. ??

In return, I can enjoy the freedom to write what is going on inside me – without filtering before.
(“Oh, a black cat right in front of me,” could be here now. Well, I think you know what I mean.  ?)

And now and then I ask questions because it really interests me.
Do you sometimes or always say / write what you think or do you always adapt it?

Or do you think you should always rethink it anyway before you start to utter words?

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