Day 108

Day 108

Sentimentality Warning ☺️
This is how our New Year started. In order to make it a little more wintery, the stickers had to be used .. ?
Therefore: First of all, thanks to the great family of Quinta das Lameiras – Sº Pedro de Tomar ❤️ for the great welcome, the delicious organic vegetables and the opportunity to escape the rockets.

And to everyone who reads here:
Welcome to 2020! ?

I had mostly been silent online for the past few weeks, because it turned out that the break-in into our motor home had taken me more than I initially thought.

It was like a step out of a fairy tale that keeps building up in my head. That sounds very naive, of course, but I somehow had the feeling that robbery and things like that would be avoided. Which is not to say that we should act negligently or the like, but when reality catches up with you, you start to think it over.

What I take with me once more: everything comes and goes, and you can appreciate it in the here and now. (Yeah, that sounds slightly esoteric again, but I hope you understand what I mean ☺️)

And now the mandatory review ?
For me, people are more important than objects and places, so I would like to thank you above all.
The people who shared their hearts this year, were traveling with us, were at home, wrote to us, smiled at us, let us into their lives, let us participate in really unique projects.
For knowing that you are there, that you help, hug or are silent with me. Or dance. Or just be.

Thank you for this year in which I was able to learn a lot and was able to develop step by step. ?

And thank you for the possibility to share everything that’s going on in my head without filtering it, right here. ❤️
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