Charity Projects, Serbia

Charity Projects, Serbia

During our adventure, we could visit already 6 projects.
One of them is The Workshop: Belgrade.
Here, refugee children and adolescents have the opportunity to study. Teachers and volunteers teach them English, Serbian, mathematics, photography …

From our visit:
We have rarely seen such motivated students. They pick up everything they can.
Every day, they drive 1.5 hours from the refugee camp outside the city to the classroom.
Learn, feel free, are supported and then they drive back again. The joy and their decision for discipline fascinate us.

The girl at the photo has learned German and English so well within 5 months that we can talk without any problems. She is from Afghanistan and has already lost some friends. The hope and the ambition to make something out of her life have become even stronger.

Many refugees come from countries where for many there is still only the choice between flight and death.
The children know that too.

What is needed?
The connection from the camp to the city is not well developed, only from noon every 90 minutes buses drive and require a change to another bus before arriving to the classroom.
That’s why The Workshop needs a minivan. Then it would be possible to teach more than twice the number of children.
And start in the morning.
Because with a car, the route takes only 25 minutes and not 1.5h …

Does anyone of you wants and has the opportunity to help?

This is possible with a no longer used minivan or with a donation, no matter what amount, so that The Workshop can buy an old vehicle on site.

With one click here you get to the project.

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