But you can’t just do it. Ad

But you can’t just do it. Ad

How many times have you been told what you shouldn’t do? How many times have you slowed yourself down?
No sweets before dinner, no colorful nail polish for an interview, not breaking out of something unsightly, not playing in the mud, not …

And why? Why can’t you jump in the air and forget everything around you??
How about simply lacing your Wildling Shoes and following the call of your heart?
In the wide world? To the next salsa bar? In the forest?

That sounds a bit pathetic now, but, to be honest, I keep thinking of these thoughts again and again. For me, this life is what I want to live. (Even if that doesn’t stop me from brooding ..)

I know that often enough it is not “just do it” and that there are days demanding everything you can give.
And yet, there are those moments when you can feel free and let all thoughts fall away ❤️
And, if we collect them, they can become something really big!

P.S. Do you actually see that I am lying under the shoes?

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