One month food and diapers for Miracle and James

Project No.: 2018 – KRS – 001

Danica Djurkovic is the group’s main rescuer and co-founder. She lives in a small house in a village called Savino Selo, in Vojvodina province, northern Serbia. Despite having only a tiny pension & riddled with arthritis, she single-handedly cares for over 50 cats & kittens – including injured, abused & neglected cats and kittens and feeds a number of street cats. She also has 4 rescued dogs in her care – one of which she saved from the public shelter. Miracle was lying in her own filth with a broken spine. Danica took her home, bathed her and cleaned her wounds. Our group fundraised for Miracle to see a specialist vet who operated on her damaged legs. There was a slight improvement, but she will never walk on her own again. She needs diapers. We recently fundraised for a wheelchair for her which has improved her quality of life.


Disabled cat James was found one evening by Danica. She found him in grass, next to the road. He was small, tired and appeared injured. He was black so it was lucky that she found him that night.

James is now a big cat. Sadly, his back legs are paralysed and he spends most of the time sitting and playing with his toys. He also needs his diapers changing a few times a day. His costs are higher than for the other cats but he shows his gratitude and love each time Danica talks to him.

His life was unimportant to someone who hurt him and left him to die, but Danica has shown this kitten there is still love and light in this world. Have a heart for cats and donate now!


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