Protect the western Romanian carpathian forest

Project No.: 2018 – TEL – 001

This is a gorgeous mixed forest made of beech, birch, pine, hazelnut, walnut and poplar. Home of deer, foxes, wild boars, wolves and bears, this forest is endangered. What is already destroyed cannot be saved, but we can protect what is still alive

True magic can only happen together with YOU. With your support, there is the chance to buy and preserve 20 hectares of this beautiful forest, located in the remote Western Romanian Carpathian Mountains.

One of the biggest threats that wild species face today is the increasing loss of their habitat. By preserving the forests, we are giving them a chance to survive and thrive.

We bring a special invitation and an opportunity to all the citizens to actively engage in the regeneration and protection of endangered natural landscapes to keep biodiversity and wildlife habitats alive and safe. In a world where 14 hectares of forest disappears every second, we believe EVERY HECTARE COUNTS.

As the world’s natural landscapes are disappearing at an alarming rate, with devastating consequences for the ecosystem of the entire Planet, there is an urgent need to take action and revert the actual reality. As a matter of fact, we need many more trees if we want to minimize the effects of Climate Change.

Protecting the forest also means preserving life for present and future generations. Some regions in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine together account for 80% of the last virgin forests throughout Europe. The Eastern European Forest is a source of wealth and unique beauty, vital to the well-being of the region, and the whole planet and its inhabitants.

With your support, 1 whole hectare of forest can be protected. We are not just asking for donations, we are inviting you to protect an entire forest, and this is the best legacy we can leave to the future generations.


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