Adult education program

Reference-No.: 2018 – BAG – 001

A high number of people from the Roma settlements have not completed primary education. This puts them at a great disadvantage on the job market and bars them from governmental training programs. This leads to seclusion, unemployment and crime, further widening the social and economic gap.

The Adult Education Program of BAGazs Association helps the adults from two Roma Settlements (Bag with 400 people and Dány with 700 people), who articulated their desire to finish the elementary school in order to continue their studies, to learn a profession, to find a job, and to set an example of lifelong learning for their children.

To ensure a successful project, two people are employed by Bagázs: a part-time employee, who oversees the coordination and supervises the volunteer teachers, creates the schedules and supports curriculum vitae. And a local woman, herself an 8th grade student, responsible for connecting and communicating between the organization and the settlement.

The 4,100 € represent the salary for one semester of these two persons, which are a cornerstone of this program: for equal opportunities and social justice.


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