Sustainable tourism training to protect the Wilderness in Bulgaria

Project No.: 2018 – EWS – 001

When you think of Wilderness, you might think about the Amazonian forests or the Arctic tundra. However, also in Europe we find truly wild areas that we can call Wilderness. There are two of those areas in Bulgaria, called the Central Balkan Wilderness and Rila Wilderness. The areas are home to a stunning variety of rare and endangered species, including the wolf, bear, chamois, fish otter, and over 200 bird species. Furthermore, a cluster of nine special beech forests are part of the largest World Heritage site that currently exists, spread over 12 European countries.

But everything is under pressure by increasing tourism. The international recognition as World Heritage, the rich biodiversity and awe-inspiring landscapes attract more visitors to the Central Balkan Wilderness and Rila Wilderness each year. We need to take action, before the human impact damages these natural treasures.

The European Wilderness Society wants to organize a training to support sustainable tourism development in and around Central Balkan Wilderness and Rila Wilderness. The training is given by our sustainable tourism experts and would benefit tourism operators, the local community as well as protected area managers in and around the two Wilderness areas of Bulgaria. Successful sustainable tourism management could even become one of the best practice examples for other protected areas on a national and international scale.

When you donate to this project, you not only support the local communities, tourism operators and protected area managers in Bulgaria. You also support the most valuable pieces of nature that Bulgaria contains. Help us to protect Central Balkan Wilderness and Rila Wilderness, by donating now!


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