Multifunctional room for children with special needs

Reference-Nr.: 2018 – COB – 001

Multifunctional room for children with special needs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This unique facility for children and teens between 7 and 22 years old has existed for over 60 years. Here they are integrated and their special needs completely accepted. The classes consist of at most 6-8 students. This gives teachers the opportunity to respond to individual requirements. 107 students find a full life here; the 34 employees lovingly take care of them.

Until the fateful year 2015! Some minor repair and welding work were carried out, a routine job. But somehow someone got distracted, and then everything went quickly. A fire spread within minutes in the smaller of the two school buildings. A few hours later, only charred remains were left.

The Ministry of Education in Bulgaria has financed the reconstruction. Now the building is ready for use, but the rooms lack furniture and equipment. The therapy sessions and special meetings therefore continue to take place in the other building, in the regular classrooms.

One of the rooms is supposed to have a multifunctional usage: a place where students can meet with friends from other schools. Also, it should give the parents the possibility to be educated about the special needs of their children.

With your donations, you can help building an enriching life for the students in Plovdiv.


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