Fitnessroom for orphanages

Project No.: 2018 – ZOV – 001

In the Veliko Tarnovo region, there are four centres for children, three of which are for children deprived of parental care (which use to be referred to as orphanages) and one a crisis center for girls who have been victims of trafficking, domestic violence or sexual abuse. In total 70 children and young people.

There is a chance to greatly improve the wellbeing of these children, to help them to get over their negative experiences.

The plan is to convert a large room in one of the centres and to equip a room in the Crisis Centre.  Both rooms will be dedicated to sports, exercise and holistic activities such as yoga and martial arts. This means the children can take physical exercises to improve their social behavior and overall well-being, even during the cold winters. Sports and physical exercise are really important to help children and young people deal with their emotions.

With €5,000 the rooms in the Crisis Centre and the large home in Veliko Tarnovo can be renovated and equipped with jump ropes, a basketball net, gymnastics and yoga mats. In addition two years of sessions aimed at increasing wellbeing such as yoga, dance, sports, martial arts classes, arts and crafts will be provided tailored to the children’s needs and age.


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