The participants

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Eva Kaznelson

studied psychology and already worked as a coach, assistance for disabled people and consultant.

„Since my childhood I have been interested in the human nature – what drives it? What is important to it? My studies and the insights in the different spheres in the world of work raised even more questions, including a major one: how can we influence the world together in a positive way?”
Languages: German, Russian, English, French

Explore together

Jan Kozlowski

9 years of permanent employment, career as a team leader, however no everyday life. After three years the first time off: 3 months New Zealand. After another three years he quit the job completely for the first time and travelled across America, from Alaska to Chile. Then back to the same company, however again only for 3 more years. Since then, he has been writing articles as a freelancer journalist for his blog TrekkingSpiritProjekt about his hiking experiences, the latest ones already with Eva.

„I leave behind an interesting job, in order to search for adventures and stories, to find my passion and to be able to give something back. “

Languages: German, English, Spanish