Adventureland Europe – Every step counts

7,200 km on foot for regional charity projects

The idea


To walk 7,200 km across Europe… and collecting donations for grassroot projects while doing that, that’s what we want to do. We, that is us, Eva Kaznelson and Jan Kozlowski, two adventurous Germans who value social justice and environmental sustainability. Let us take you with us, on the exciting journey across the „Adventureland Europe“.

Every step counts!

Our goal is to collect 10 cents for each of our steps towards Fisterra. Towards cohesion and humanity. To start a movement. To achieve more together.

To keep it simple, we plan with one meter per step. With a distance of 7,200 km, our goal is 720,000 €. A huge sum. Is this realistic? We do not know … Let’s find out together.

Interact with us!

Walk with us!

Challenge us!

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Help us to help!


Our projects in focus

Romania, children

Medical supplies for youths with disabilities in the IMPACT-Program

163€ of 3.399€ raised

Romania, nature and environment


Research grant for potential Wilderness forest “Boia Mica”

60€ of 3.500€ raised

Romania, animals

Conservation workshop for Lynx and Golden Jackal at the border of Serbia and Romania

7€ of 3.500€ raised